With little interest

Oh god here she comes again, i listen with little interest as she laments on her quite lofty yet unscrumptious situation in life, see the thing is she is pampered through and through , with little interest she remarks on the latest exquisite painting she had acquired from la museum du paris , for a meagre amount of $36000 , “you know i must quite admit it took me some time to recuperate from the horrific incident two nights ago” she laments once again “go on marie” i urge her to continue, ” my most recent maid and masseuse all the way from indonesia-sita broke my cartier decorated mirror” she takes a sip of her very healthy looking lime water in a lady like manner, you see marie gilles – Harris, daughter of a french multi millionaire and wife to a hollywood celebrity she met in Ibiza is currently seated across me as it happens every few weeks.  “Although my husband has already requested for a new one , i couldn’t help but think que fais tu ? sita, et elle dit desolee mademoiselle harris” she wipes a mock tear ” can you imagine this uneducated brat had the gut to say she was sorry” i took a sip of water from my own glass and wondered off thinking if only you knew ma cherie mari tu est le brat ici, this leads her on to rambling i suppose while i drank the bland lemon water, marie is friends with me because we are from the same school and were so different in school back then , both being together had let me to meeting marie, coincidentally “sophia imagine the gall of that asian girl in Jakarta who thought that i was bland and white” apalled at her racist nature , i had to admit juanita was south american from Brazil not Indonesia.”but marie , juanita was a nice girl to you and she was Brazillian” i pointed the facts “whatever, je te dit she was a spoilt girl who thought she  was hardworking” actually juanita went to a $30,000 private school on a scholarship maybe that was her mistake, why do i still put up with marie some ask ? because simply put she puts up with me not the other way around, i have very little interest in most things as you may have noted, an air of arrogance perhaps ” oh marie elle n’est pas important , lets not waste another moment on her, call that silly maid of yours i need more water” how endearing i loved and encouraged myself to work a little “so lazy sophie the bottle is right in front of you go ahead and refill that glass” marie observes “tu dit ? i work atleast and i operate a charity for poor dark babies of lazy parents in Africa country”  i retort  , well vraiement i work as a model and face of chanel I’m sophie Del souza half french -Italian daughter of a conglomerate multi millionaire so i can sleep if i wished. I can assure you our evening passed by with little interest as poor servants made a lofty dinner which marie and i scrutinized and had a few pins of.

hey everyone today I’m  trying a short story