And the flu came
With a lot of nostalgia
Reminiscent of childhood
Once caught with a leaky nose
Forever in tissue armor
Left with a honking train in your ears
Until the pounding hammer
Assaults your overactive cerebrum

Well I caught the flu and I have a test this morning,  never knew a headache could be an inspiration.




 My long lost friend contacted me last week

The friend that was wiped out of my earth

the friend who was not on the same continent as me

my friend who I last  saw in 2013

friends for almost a decade

our bond is strong I’d say

 we clicked and continued

as though we had been living in the same room

for the last two years

The one person I thought had forgotten me

the person I missed on lonely nights

of insomnia and sleeplessness

Oh if only Sameera charged her phone


Hello Sameera, if you read this poem i love you,

If i am unable to be on wordpress it will most likely be because i will travel to Singapore soon, Thank You for reading, what do you think of my colour coding ?

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