World Sickle Cell Day

Hello everyone yesterday was World Sickle cell day, and i just could not believe it, now am wondering if I should start the whole break the cycle campaign by knowing your genotype, or to actually give my essay on living with sickle cell Anaemia. Phew! I can only say that it has been a hassle but it is a constant struggle and I am still learning to live with it. So long story short, sickle cell Anaemia is a genetic disorder that results in the red blood cells changing shape from an oval/round shape to a sickled shape which causes obstruction in the blood vessels, and obstruction causes pain, inflammation and severe tissue or organ damage, the thing is it can affect any organ or multiple organs at the same time. But the main hassle for most sufferers is the pain, chronic is an understatement and I don’t wish to go into it because it is unexplainable. It is so damn painful, sometimes requiring the most powerful pain relievers when in a crisis such as opioids, morphine etc and it lasts for a few days, the frequency of a crisis depends on individual, mine used to go like 3 to 4 times a year, that was the frequency of my hospitalization but recently it has increased to about 6 times or more a year. Anaemia is also a big problem because it causes fatigue which makes it difficult to live up to many expectations, like sports or going out. images-12 this is the pain in a picture, i no longer cry though, the pain is too much. Most importantly people don’t understand when you are missing or MIA in school and many things like going out, they can’t seem to understand how 5 minutes ago i was fine, now i need to rush to the ER, but that is how the condition is, you plan your life around it, sometimes it just comes in-between everything and can put a stop to anything from your birthday party to even a wedding ! it can come anytime, anywhere and you will give in when that excruciating I can’t talk pain grips you. It also keeps you behind your peers, socially i can’t seem to catch up and it has helped make me an introvert because here is the thing, Pre hospitalization, you are at home in pain, hospitalization you are in hospital, post-hospitalization you are still trying to heal from fatigue and left over pain from the hospital, trying to avoid crisis triggers. Later on complications begin to arise for me my Avascular necrosis set out 2 years ago affecting my hip bones and i may have to have a hip replacement in the next few years, I also have a non active spleen and gall bladder, constipation and other problems. Over all it is a hassle and can lead to depression but all i would say is know your genotype before marriage else your children may have this chronic condition, happy world sickle cell day to all my fellow warriors, their parents, families and friends. We can do it ! more grease to your elbows Lets break the cycle and end the silence, Perhaps even find a cure ! Bye