Fake friends

Todays topic is fake friends, have we not all had them ? yes high school brings about a time of insecurities, can we take a minute of silence for those still in high school ?, yes i got you high school people, hold on.

we all have had a fake friend at one point in our lives especially when we thought that being popular was all that mattered, and having friends in that popular circle of friends in school was our life achievement, we wanted to be that it girl and cheerleader, or perhaps you wanted to be that jock football player, well you guessed it right i was a nerd which was not cool, in school i wanted to have friends and be popular, but i just could not discontinue my introverted nature,.

so you probably guessed i had to move on and continue being my unpopular nerd self, that slept at home throughout the weekend, while studying chemistry or watching tv alone obviously, i did not have anywhere to go, so of course i tried making friends in school, i did come across so many fake people that pretend to be your friends sometimes while they really were taking advantage of your kindness.

and yes piece of advice  don’t always be afraid to say no to helping people, i always thought that being unkind towards people was not going to get me friends, lets just say i was too naive for my own good, but towards the end of high school, of course i started improving, but back then i took it upon myself to treat people too kindly by offering up what ever they asked me to help them with.

In essence we all go through that phase in our life but trust me you don’t have to be popular in school, because once high school is over it doesn’t really matter because nobody cares about how popular you were in high school, and lets be real, no shade popular people don’t usually make it later in life, sometimes because of the popularity thing, they don’t study and therefore don’t pass or graduate on time.

Now with all that being said, you don’t really need to be popular, a couple of genuine friends is all that you need, study well and pass with good grades, high school will be over in a few years and that is a very small portion of your life.

Once you realise someone is a fake friend, take them out of your life, because you don’t need that much negativity in your life, the most important thing to know is that you may never see some high school friends again in your lifetime because once you go to college, everything changes as you become more focused on your life or career.

Ofcourse there is also the bullying issue, if you would like me to do a post on bullying comment down below, thank you for reading and



longer throat (all window shoppers)

As I go through everything wondering, where will the money come from ? h&m to Zara……and many others. I leave empty-handed or not with my ice cream, croissant from Bread talk and a small carton of milk from farmers market, happily, what is the need anyways, since I saw it I don’t need to buy it then. after all I would have to keep them and stare or look at them at home, better yet paint some onto my face.

Make up is not my forte , I did visit sephora once though here at Kota Casablanca with my friend Naima. All this material things will waste my money, yet my money is also materialistic, the little I have of course. Ever since i turned 15,  I was exposed to this money hungry girl lifestyle, or i exposed myself rather, hair, make up, outfits, bags, shoes and what not, now at 17 almost 18  I cannot keep up,  no  i think the correct statement is “i am unable to keep up”. I was never the peer keeping up and on point person though, that moves with the flow.

I like living as i used to before, clothes,  jeans, tops, sweaters, boots, sandals and hijabs – not fancy and one bag, my school bag of course. Add in a little bit of face skin care, lip balm and body lotion. i mean basics to remain healthy and clean. Now I need primers, foundations, 10 handbags, wedges, heels and what not, to be honest i learnt the little i stated here after extensive YouTube tutorials watching. I just realised that i don’t want to be part of this hurricane that seeks to take over my life, not only that, I feel out-of-place when i see my peers on ‘fleek’ as they say.

Longer throat basically means when you want, desire or can’t resist something, this is me currently. I mean make up is so expensive in sephora, to me it is just face paint and might feel heavy and uncomfortable yet it is so pricy, i could get a good book from Periplus though with the money required to get that chocolate bar eyeshadow palette i crave. Shout out to my fellow Nigerians, the slang though.

Bye !

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