Ocarina — Brotherly Love

Sometimes I have no idea of what to put on my watercolor paper. Today was one of those days. I like drawing lines with my dip pen (more so with the broad tipped nibs than the more narrow tips). My pen strokes weren’t as smooth as I would have liked. Instead of fullness of convex […]

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On anger and frustration

see the thing is,

life will always have challenges whether you sleep beneath a tree or in the loftiest palace,

whether you have a car or not,

it cares not about how ugly or pretty you are

as they say the grass is not always greener on the other side

you may look and envy them

but you did not see what they hid behind their smiles

you  saw  but the glitz during the day

nor the tears that cuddle them to sleep

or the pills that give them peace

you highlighted the darkness in yours against the brightness in theirs

had you compared your dark to their dark

jealousy would be a foreign word

envy a forgotten feeling

happy birthday

i can’t even begin to imagine where the time flew to , it just went by like a snap this blog is officially two years old, i know i have been MIA for the past few months but I’m back and better hopefully.

my special thanks from the bottom of my heart yes !( you, you know the half hearted thank you) to all my readers from the thoughts club

Why Buy Ugly? — The Thrifty Gourmand

According to National Geographic, about one-third of all global food production goes to waste. Even more staggering, nearly two-thirds of that waste is caused neither by drought, poor refrigeration nor insects, but rather results from the way the food looks. That means that “an estimated six billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are wasted every […]

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Do we buy only pretty ? we do actually, if you have been to the market even here in Nigeria you would see a woman selecting fruits and vegetables or telling the seller “change this one ” i have also been guilty of this where you always choose the prettier or more smooth oranges and bananas or whatever and this actually causes a lot of waste while many are hungry.



With little interest

Oh god here she comes again, i listen with little interest as she laments on her quite lofty yet unscrumptious situation in life, see the thing is she is pampered through and through , with little interest she remarks on the latest exquisite painting she had acquired from la museum du paris , for a meagre amount of $36000 , “you know i must quite admit it took me some time to recuperate from the horrific incident two nights ago” she laments once again “go on marie” i urge her to continue, ” my most recent maid and masseuse all the way from indonesia-sita broke my cartier decorated mirror” she takes a sip of her very healthy looking lime water in a lady like manner, you see marie gilles – Harris, daughter of a french multi millionaire and wife to a hollywood celebrity she met in Ibiza is currently seated across me as it happens every few weeks.  “Although my husband has already requested for a new one , i couldn’t help but think que fais tu ? sita, et elle dit desolee mademoiselle harris” she wipes a mock tear ” can you imagine this uneducated brat had the gut to say she was sorry” i took a sip of water from my own glass and wondered off thinking if only you knew ma cherie mari tu est le brat ici, this leads her on to rambling i suppose while i drank the bland lemon water, marie is friends with me because we are from the same school and were so different in school back then , both being together had let me to meeting marie, coincidentally “sophia imagine the gall of that asian girl in Jakarta who thought that i was bland and white” apalled at her racist nature , i had to admit juanita was south american from Brazil not Indonesia.”but marie , juanita was a nice girl to you and she was Brazillian” i pointed the facts “whatever, je te dit she was a spoilt girl who thought she  was hardworking” actually juanita went to a $30,000 private school on a scholarship maybe that was her mistake, why do i still put up with marie some ask ? because simply put she puts up with me not the other way around, i have very little interest in most things as you may have noted, an air of arrogance perhaps ” oh marie elle n’est pas important , lets not waste another moment on her, call that silly maid of yours i need more water” how endearing i loved and encouraged myself to work a little “so lazy sophie the bottle is right in front of you go ahead and refill that glass” marie observes “tu dit ? i work atleast and i operate a charity for poor dark babies of lazy parents in Africa country”  i retort  , well vraiement i work as a model and face of chanel I’m sophie Del souza half french -Italian daughter of a conglomerate multi millionaire so i can sleep if i wished. I can assure you our evening passed by with little interest as poor servants made a lofty dinner which marie and i scrutinized and had a few pins of.

hey everyone today I’m  trying a short story

Lonely Hearts
Happy souls
A soulful loneliness
Peaceful yet not serene
Joyful not happy
Once upon a happy time
What is happiness?

What is happiness?  I think it depends on the person, every one is different and happiness could mean comfort in life l, a good salary and loving family or it could mean fame and riches, perhaps a yacht, I think happiness is derived from something in most humans,  it could also be derived from contentment with whatever you have In life. Some are happy no matter what and that is contentment.

Salma Babani