Fore sight

Deja vu or what?  I don’t know but staying alone makes you over think sometimes and make assumptions, perhaps even performing the maths.
It happens also that you are surrounded by people yet you are still alone, maybe I am too deep, I admit I am not superficial on the surface understanding ish of situations, but I always find something to think of……. maybe my life.
Reflections can be good but when you replay one single episode over and over to identify every little detail, you either find faults in yourself or other people.
Most likely yourself not other’s especially if you suffer from low esteem and episodes of depression.
You constantly try to assume, maybe too much International baccalaureate (IB) science textbooks lead to such mathematics of every scenario and the possible outcomes to a situation.
To each his own, reflective or refractive of each scenario in life, just a piece of my heart. ♥
I would like to dedicate this post to Aisha💗 My friend who encouraged me to keep my blog despite University study

salma Babani


Fitting into the box ?

Yes my procrastinating self now tries her best to upload a post every Monday, it is no easy feat but i wish to improve my habits, anyways here i come.

Hello to anyone reading this welcome to my blog where i post anything that comes to my mind which revolves mainly around fictional excerpts made from real life, yes i am confused and trapped in this deadly cycle of over thinking real life situations and giving them a literary view with a scientific twist, because i am indecisive i could not figure out which one of my poems to post so i decided to compose one for my blog today for the first time and yes RIP Mike Brown.

Fit into the box

stuck in a box

 that defines you 

 not as a complex individual

 put in there by society and its members

 You need not fit into it you just need to be in it

 for being stuck in there gives a sense of control over 

 a very surprise full life 

 perhaps uneventful

 Categorised and herded into imaginary boxes

 some overlap while some do not

 Redefine stereotypes you will not dare 

 You little traitor to society’s box’s

 Do you put people into boxes ?

 Do you stick them there ?

Not given a chance to be an individual……

only part of a box……

fit in there……… it has cut off your wings.

If you would like to read some of my  poems on wattpad.

BYe! wishing you an eventful week, hope you had a wonderful weekend.

As The sun sets

Hello everyone today i decided to post this poem from my wattpad book and you can find the link right to my book here : poems  

As the sun sets

i walk through the sky

hoping for a few more minutes

only if shillings could absolve

grant me some more time to avoid the certain night

which i thought i could leave

in all its darkness

beautiful it seems

with its moonlight glazing down upon you

only if you had the view

perhaps surrounded by skyscrapers

scraping off your beautiful view

alas beauty comes in various forms

peaceful and serene

only in the underdeveloped

or country sides

bringing tides to a new day

a fresh ray of hope

an opportunity to escape your deadly cycle

of dredging hard work or induced laziness

perhaps you sleep, perhaps you do not

it gives peace nevertheless

unless if the streets are forever chattering

with honking sounds

or the rattles of your species

refusing to call it a day.

perhaps your restless mind in a deep hue of blue

peace i wished to find

every certain recurring night.

Bye !

princess of North Sudan



Apparently Disney wishes to make a cute movie based on a cute story about a very heroic father figure who occupied said unclaimed African land “Bir tawil” in-between Egypt and north Sudan to make his daughter a princess. How sweet, cute and heroic, best father award goes to this dad, Mr Jeremiah Heaton. Here is the problem, to an African or a person of colour whose country has a history of colonisation, it is not cute, it just further emphasises white supremacist ideas in a romantic and heroic father figure way, apparently the writer Stephany Folsom was being inconsiderate towards the feelings of her other viewers who would not appreciate the movie. I suppose the problem is, this father should be more realistic towards his daughter and teach her to be realistic in life, maybe just get her a tiara and a tiny castle doll house. The world is going to let her down at every stage of her life which means he should teach her to be stronger. The world is not a Disney fairytale where she gets to be a princess, and save the world. I mean it is a bit selfish to fulfil every wish of the princess Emily even at the detriment of her fellow children, I get the fatherly love behind this act but it doesn’t add up. i think he should not build castles in the air for Emily, because in the end the reality will dawn and she will know she is not a princess, and Bir Tawil has no inhabitants. You cannot have a kingdom without citizens The most outrageous part of this whole issue is that Disney decided to make a movie out of this joke story that will inspire children to become spoilt brats and expect impossible things from their parents. I mean as a child we all looked up to Disney, had favourite Disney movies and cartoons. Disney built dreams in a Tv, but this dream is too far-fetched. People on twitter were outraged myself included, i mean its ridiculous Bir Tawil is North Sudanese, but i was angry because they make the first African princess a frog cartoon and the next princess an American girl, also encouraging ideas of colonisation being okay, No it is not ! coming from a Nigerian. Colonisation is not cute and it will never be cute, why will Disney even consider this story ? therefore a petition has been made by Nadia Ali which i have signed and think everyone should sign to help stop Disney from making this movie. Here is the link to this petition by care2 petitions Bye !

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