Lupita Lupita Lupita

We all have seen black models before, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and my favourite Iman, so what is special about lupita you may ask ? well Lupita is a classic black woman, no shade here but most other black models with the exception of Iman have white ish features and straightened hair or wigs, infact most of them are mixed or not very dark skinned, Lupita is that model that is very African, as dark as we come and can we talk about that glow for a minute here ?

Lupita has inspired many dark skinned women of colour to embrace their natural complexion, lets be honest Vogue has never had a woman as dark as Lupita on their cover, if and when they did have a black woman, she was either mixed or light skinned with the straight nose and thin to average lips, which does not really speak to many women of colour especially black women.

She does exude that confidence and allure which many dark women of colour lack due to the age old “the lighter the better” we have instilled into our minds, no longer are we in those days when being a light skinned black woman or man was the best thing that could happen to you as you were perceived more beautiful than your darker counterparts, ever since Lupita won an oscar she gave hope to other darker women that yes we could also make it in the ‘closer to white’ dominated industry of fashion and Hollywood in general’

Lastly can we just talk about her kiny hair, most black women in Hollywood who wear their hair natural usually have looser curl textures or “good hair” as we have come to know it and if they happened to not have those beautiful curls, they go for the creamy crack, wigs or the straightened natural hair, she looks absolutely stunning

I did notice that after her Oscar award winning, the media was trying to prove that Lupita was beautiful, but i dont need to be convinced, do you glow more than Lupita ? if not have your seat because we all know she is beautiful, smart, Educated and well spoken in essence the whole package, we have seen celebrities who cant read well or mess up their speeches that were written for them.

Can we also appreciate Lupita for always talking about her African ness and how many times she visits Kenya or talks about her life in Kenya, No shade but i know many black people who go to any extent to deny their African roots, Lupita could have claimed America and left Kenya behind after her new found fame, but she did not infact she has even brought kenya and Africa closer to her.

Ladies and gentlemen bask in the after glow of the Lupita effect and be wowed.

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Writing 201: Poetry day 3


Fulani woman
     Skin deep
Rich in melanin
You are beautiful
Like a precious stone amidst charcoal
Sunkissed?  No far from that
Sunblessed dare I say
The darker the flesh
the deeper the roots
Glow in  the sunshine
Bask in it
You are truly rich…….
In melanin

This poem is Based on my experience with colourism as a Person of colour, and how people of the same race are obsessed with judging people based on their skin tone,  where light skinned people are prefered over their darker counterparts in India, Indonesia, Central Asia, the middle east and Africa in general

Salma Babani

longer throat (all window shoppers)

As I go through everything wondering, where will the money come from ? h&m to Zara……and many others. I leave empty-handed or not with my ice cream, croissant from Bread talk and a small carton of milk from farmers market, happily, what is the need anyways, since I saw it I don’t need to buy it then. after all I would have to keep them and stare or look at them at home, better yet paint some onto my face.

Make up is not my forte , I did visit sephora once though here at Kota Casablanca with my friend Naima. All this material things will waste my money, yet my money is also materialistic, the little I have of course. Ever since i turned 15,  I was exposed to this money hungry girl lifestyle, or i exposed myself rather, hair, make up, outfits, bags, shoes and what not, now at 17 almost 18  I cannot keep up,  no  i think the correct statement is “i am unable to keep up”. I was never the peer keeping up and on point person though, that moves with the flow.

I like living as i used to before, clothes,  jeans, tops, sweaters, boots, sandals and hijabs – not fancy and one bag, my school bag of course. Add in a little bit of face skin care, lip balm and body lotion. i mean basics to remain healthy and clean. Now I need primers, foundations, 10 handbags, wedges, heels and what not, to be honest i learnt the little i stated here after extensive YouTube tutorials watching. I just realised that i don’t want to be part of this hurricane that seeks to take over my life, not only that, I feel out-of-place when i see my peers on ‘fleek’ as they say.

Longer throat basically means when you want, desire or can’t resist something, this is me currently. I mean make up is so expensive in sephora, to me it is just face paint and might feel heavy and uncomfortable yet it is so pricy, i could get a good book from Periplus though with the money required to get that chocolate bar eyeshadow palette i crave. Shout out to my fellow Nigerians, the slang though.

Bye !