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Thoughts from Sonia Boue: “My humanness is not other — it is a parallelogram of your humanness. A mirror in which to see yourself (at times).”

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Ocarina — Brotherly Love

Sometimes I have no idea of what to put on my watercolor paper. Today was one of those days. I like drawing lines with my dip pen (more so with the broad tipped nibs than the more narrow tips). My pen strokes weren’t as smooth as I would have liked. Instead of fullness of convex […]

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Lonely Hearts
Happy souls
A soulful loneliness
Peaceful yet not serene
Joyful not happy
Once upon a happy time
What is happiness?

What is happiness?  I think it depends on the person, every one is different and happiness could mean comfort in life l, a good salary and loving family or it could mean fame and riches, perhaps a yacht, I think happiness is derived from something in most humans,  it could also be derived from contentment with whatever you have In life. Some are happy no matter what and that is contentment.

Salma Babani


“For success in science and Arts a dash  of Autism is essential”-  Dr.Han  Asperger

The 2nd of April 2016 is the day, wear a touch of blue to help support all the children and people suffering from Autism. They are very talented and inspiring people who find abilities in their disability. One thing i always take home with me is that when ever you meet them especially the kids, they always have a smile on their face unlike some gloomy sickle cell patients like myself. They always add colour to your life even in the ER, And from personal experience i say this, all the days and weeks spent in the children wards would have been very unbearable without them.

it is also very annoying when people try to make them look stupid or say they don’t understand them, It will take less than 20 minutes for you to find out  more about Autism and increase awareness of the disease.Wear blue to show your support. 

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are characterized by social-interaction difficulties, communication challenges and a tendency to engage in repetitive behaviours. They have social difficulties and tend to want to retreat into their own world. It still has no cure and research on it is  underway but as usual help is needed to raise funds. Check out: I also know that people can make mean comments to the parents and family of this autistic patients especially the kids although unintentionally, but it still discourages them in the end although you didn’t intend to cause pain. So here are a few Do’s i mean don’ts:

1. Don’t say: “Is your child an artistic or musical genius? What special gifts does your child have?”

We’ve all seen “Rain Man” and know about the extraordinary artistic and musical gifts that some individuals on the autism spectrum possess. But the truth is that most on the spectrum do not have these gifts. In fact, only about 10 percent have savant qualities.

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