As The sun sets

Hello everyone today i decided to post this poem from my wattpad book and you can find the link right to my book here : poems  

As the sun sets

i walk through the sky

hoping for a few more minutes

only if shillings could absolve

grant me some more time to avoid the certain night

which i thought i could leave

in all its darkness

beautiful it seems

with its moonlight glazing down upon you

only if you had the view

perhaps surrounded by skyscrapers

scraping off your beautiful view

alas beauty comes in various forms

peaceful and serene

only in the underdeveloped

or country sides

bringing tides to a new day

a fresh ray of hope

an opportunity to escape your deadly cycle

of dredging hard work or induced laziness

perhaps you sleep, perhaps you do not

it gives peace nevertheless

unless if the streets are forever chattering

with honking sounds

or the rattles of your species

refusing to call it a day.

perhaps your restless mind in a deep hue of blue

peace i wished to find

every certain recurring night.

Bye !


2 thoughts on “As The sun sets

  1. Reblogged this on moni d'az and commented:
    I felt inspired to write my own poem. These days I remember the old house in Spain I used to spend my summers in as a child.

    As the Sun Sets

    Everyday and almost never

    do we see the day being taken to its bed

    As the sun sets I recall the warm yellow glow

    turning orange shining warm, pink

    Until turning bluish

    Recall or see ? I don’t know

    The light fades taking with it the warmth of the sun

    The sun I have watched bleaching out the stones in the walls, the sun shining over the terace

    setting behind the hills behind the windmills

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