longer throat (all window shoppers)

As I go through everything wondering, where will the money come from ? h&m to Zara……and many others. I leave empty-handed or not with my ice cream, croissant from Bread talk and a small carton of milk from farmers market, happily, what is the need anyways, since I saw it I don’t need to buy it then. after all I would have to keep them and stare or look at them at home, better yet paint some onto my face.

Make up is not my forte , I did visit sephora once though here at Kota Casablanca with my friend Naima. All this material things will waste my money, yet my money is also materialistic, the little I have of course. Ever since i turned 15,  I was exposed to this money hungry girl lifestyle, or i exposed myself rather, hair, make up, outfits, bags, shoes and what not, now at 17 almost 18  I cannot keep up,  no  i think the correct statement is “i am unable to keep up”. I was never the peer keeping up and on point person though, that moves with the flow.

I like living as i used to before, clothes,  jeans, tops, sweaters, boots, sandals and hijabs – not fancy and one bag, my school bag of course. Add in a little bit of face skin care, lip balm and body lotion. i mean basics to remain healthy and clean. Now I need primers, foundations, 10 handbags, wedges, heels and what not, to be honest i learnt the little i stated here after extensive YouTube tutorials watching. I just realised that i don’t want to be part of this hurricane that seeks to take over my life, not only that, I feel out-of-place when i see my peers on ‘fleek’ as they say.

Longer throat basically means when you want, desire or can’t resist something, this is me currently. I mean make up is so expensive in sephora, to me it is just face paint and might feel heavy and uncomfortable yet it is so pricy, i could get a good book from Periplus though with the money required to get that chocolate bar eyeshadow palette i crave. Shout out to my fellow Nigerians, the slang though.

Bye !


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